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Journey of Ganga Rejuvenation

Ganga Connect

08 - 25 November 2021 | United Kingdom

Glasgow > Cardiff > Birmingham > Oxford > London

Exhibition Locations

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About the Exhibition

Ganga Connect is a global exhibition and an outreach platform that showcases the multiple facets of the river system and connect with a range of interested parties. The inaugural version runs through United Kingdom from 08 - 25 November 2021.

  • Offer a clear and deep understanding of the size, magnitude and complexity of the Ganga river eco-system.

  • Puts a spotlight on a range of solutions being developed and implemented.

  • Shares a status update and execution timeline of the programme.

  • Illustrates the deep spiritual and philosophical connect that Indians have with the river.

  • Enables engagement with interested parties and the diaspora who want to get involved in the rejuvenation, restoration and conservation of the river system.

A number of parallel events will also be held alongside the exhibition including:

- Seminars

- Technology showcases

- Business roundtables

- Diaspora dialogues


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