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About Ganga Connect

Ganga Connect

  1. Climate Change, Himalayan glacial melt and consequences in the Gangetic plains

  2. River cleaning efforts through controlling pollution and bringing in water recycling

  3. River restoration and rejuvenation through

  4. River front development through development of facades

  5. Maintaining river’s ecological balance through understanding and restoring water cycles

  6. Implementing circular economy principles by developing local water markets

  7. Bringing water use efficiency in agricultural sector

  8. Creating run-of-the-river hydropower solutions

  9. Developing the most advanced data and information system through satellite, drones and advanced sensor based monitoring

  10. Creating decision support systems for policy makers and other stakeholders through use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

  11. Changing behaviours by involving and letting communities manage projects

  12. Fostering innovation and entrepreneurship through co-creation  

  13. Developing sophisticated financial instruments including Ganga Bonds to finance the project

  14. Creating global partnerships through multi-country collaboration

  15. Mobilising and energising global Indian diaspora to participate in the programme

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